[Part I] Grateful Leadership: The Road to One Billion Happier People – S01. E09.

About Steve Foran

  • Believer in grateful leadership.
  • Author of Thriving: The 10 Lws of Grateful Leadership


In this episode, Steve Foran and I discuss how gratitude operates in the workplace, and how leaders can foster gratefulness to promote health, happiness, and success in work and in life. This is Part 1 of my conversation with Steve.

Grateful Leadership is a passion that Steve Foran has had for many years. Steve founded Gratitude at Work in 2007, and started hosting conversations in his community which have since grown into work with leaders around the world, shifting cultures, and helping leaders and their teams be happier at work by bringing more gratitude to work each day. In 2019 he wrote the book, Surviving to Thriving – The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership.  

Listen to this episode to learn how to better incorporate gratitude in your work and life.



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