[Part I] Humanizing Work for a Better World – S01. E13.

About Dr. Steve Hunt

Chief Expert, Technology & Work at SAP 


About Robert Richard

Human Experience Advisor at SAP


I speak with Dr. Steve Hunt (Chief Expert, Work & Technology) and Robert Richardson (Human Experience Advisor) from SAP, about how to humanize work and the workplace. As the world of work continues to evolve, leaders must develop more human-centric organizational processes. This is Part 1 of our conversation. 

What does it mean to humanize work? Steve and Robert discuss the many factors involved in this process, such as ensuring full transparency throughout the workplace, valuing employees’ well-being, shifting away from an exploitative organizational model, and more. 

Steve and Robert co-host the Work Matters! podcast. In Episode 12: Remote Work Matters, Dr. Laura discusses many aspects of remote work, including work-life wellness, blurred boundaries, remote leadership styles, and distributed team dynamics.


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