[Part II] Creating the Canvas of Your Life: A Conversation with Two Emerging Artists – S02. E22.

About Erica Campitelli & Chelsea McDonald

Emerging Artists


Today we’re continuing a conversation we started earlier about the vital steps in creating your own life canvas. Following passions is key to your life canvas but so many times life and work get between us and our passion and hobby-related goals. The dreams we had of creating symphonies, opening art shows, and writing novels get sidelined by daily life demands. How do we make time for the passions that drive us? 

This is Part 2 of the conversation with Erica Campitelli and Chelsea McDonald, two emerging artists who shared a lot of their journey with us in Part 1. They juggle other jobs and demands while still maintaining space for their artistic passions. I dive deeper into their individual struggles with the work and life balancing act in this episode, delving into Erica’s tendency to work too much and discovering Chelsea’s newfound ability to lean into her painting and create more space for it. We discuss how the pandemic impacted each of them differently and what goals emerged from it in relation to their art. During this conversation Erica and Chelsea learn ways in which they can cross-mentor each other and share their thoughts on finding inspiration and continuing to pursue their artistic passions without the dismissive label of “starving artist” blocking their paths.


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