WWML E38 Dr. Nina W Brown

Healthy to Destructive: Exploring Narcissism in Ourselves and Others – S02. E38.

About Dr. Nina W. Brown:

Nina W. Brown, EdD, LPC, NCC, Distinguished Fellow American Group Psychotherapy Association, American Psychological Association Fellow is a professor and eminent scholar at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA USA.  She received her doctorate from The College Of William and Mary, and served as president of the Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Association, Secretary of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, President of APA Division 49 (The Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy), President of The Group Council and other positions.  

She writes and publishes books on group psychotherapy and narcissism with 40+ books to date some of which have been translated into other languages. Dr. Brown’s first book was Teaching Group Dynamics: Process and Practice and she also published the first book on psychoeducational groups which is now in the 4th edition. Other books on group therapy include Expressive Processes for Groups Counseling, Group Counseling for Elementary and Middle School Students, Creating High Performance Classroom Groups, Facilitating Challenging Groups: Leaderless, Open and Single Session Groups, Creative Activities for Group Therapy, and Effective Psychoeducational Groups. Her ten published books on narcissism are The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern, Understanding Narcissists, Children of the Self-absorbed (Three editions and also translated into Chinese, Dutch, German, Polish, Korean, and Czech), Children of Self-absorbed Aging Parents, Coping with Infuriating, Mean, Critical People, Coping with Your Partner’s Jealousy, Loving the Self-absorbed and Working with the Self-absorbed. Other publications include book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles. 


Dr. Laura welcomes Dr. Nina W. Brown back to the show. Dr. Brown is a Distinguished Fellow American Group Psychotherapy Association, an eminent scholar and professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia, USA. Through her career, Nina has authored over forty books, ten of which are on the subject of narcissism. Dr. Brown discusses how her latest book is more a guide to helping individuals understand themselves in order to better cope with the narcissist in their life, a tactic she finds rewarding.

Dr. Laura hears from Nina exactly how the approach of understanding self, of gaining awareness, leads to protecting ourselves and thriving into what Dr. Brown terms “positive revenge”. On the subject of wellness, Nina shares how she unwinds and refreshes outside of work by reading mystery and science fiction books. She shares advice on writing something every day, whatever bit you can – a sentence or paragraph even – in order to stay focused on a writing goal. Dr. Brown has a humble and incredibly wise outlook on life. Her insights on coping with narcissism and on cultivating the value of self will inspire everyone who hears her.

“And so this is how we can develop ourselves, particularly with the empathy, because one of the defining characteristics of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, is a lack of empathy. And so what we can work with is developing ourselves so that we can be empathic, that we can feel what the other person is feeling, without losing the sense of ourselves as being separate and distinct from them. We don’t become enmeshed, we don’t become overwhelmed.”  – Nina W. Brown