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[Part II] Extraordinary Cultures: The Evolution from Inclusion to Belonging – S02. E32.

About Lorne Rubis:

Lorne Rubis is currently the Co-Founder of Belongify.com and has been the CEO of two privately held international companies. Lorne is a published author (‘The Character Triangle’) and holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Industrial and Labour Relations from the University of Oregon. He teaches courses on Culture and HR strategy at the U of Alberta EMBA program and at Harvard’s School of Extension. 

These days, Lorne is fully immersed in the world of culture and leadership, stating his life’s purpose is “all about advancing people and organizations”. Whether leading, facilitating, consulting, teaching, speaking, writing or podcasting, Lorne utilizes 40 plus years of experience in leading personal and cultural transformation to deliver actionable insights every day. He and his wife Kathleen (his high school prom date) divide their time between residences in Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington, with an everyday mission to remotely connect with their 3 adult children and four grandkids who live in the U.S. and UK. They all gather whenever they can at the Rubis family vineyard in Naramata, BC.



Dr. Laura welcomes Lorne Rubis, thought leader and Co-Founder of Belongify.com, back to the podcast to continue their conversation on inclusion and belonging. Having previously examined the differences between inclusion and belonging, they now discuss the wider implications of remote working through the pandemic and whether or not that has detracted from fostering a culture of belonging. Lorne shares thoughts from personal experience around how connection in any context cannot be taken for granted.

Dr. Laura delves into Lorne’s thoughts on work-life wellness and how to maintain balance. Lorne explains how he views all aspects of life through the lens of what he calls “personal equity”. He shares that balance can be difficult but the idea of being mindful and integrating all necessary parts of culture, growth, relationships, rest, and work into a self-aware life is ultimately the goal. Lorne allows listeners a glimpse into some of his greatest achievements and challenges, and gives important insights into how people evolve and stay connected.

“But generally, we want to love, we want to belong, we want to be seen. And in the best way. And if I could wish that: oh, the strides we would make!” – Lorne Rubis