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[Part I] Extraordinary Cultures: The Evolution from Inclusion to Belonging – S02. E31.

About Lorne Rubis:

Lorne Rubis is currently the Co-Founder of Belongify.com and has been the CEO of two privately held international companies. Lorne is a published author (‘The Character Triangle’) and holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Industrial and Labour Relations from the University of Oregon. He teaches courses on Culture and HR strategy at the U of Alberta EMBA program and at Harvard’s School of Extension. 

These days, Lorne is fully immersed in the world of culture and leadership, stating his life’s purpose is “all about advancing people and organizations”. Whether leading, facilitating, consulting, teaching, speaking, writing or podcasting, Lorne utilizes 40 plus years of experience in leading personal and cultural transformation to deliver actionable insights every day. He and his wife Kathleen (his high school prom date) divide their time between residences in Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington, with an everyday mission to remotely connect with their 3 adult children and four grandkids who live in the U.S. and UK. They all gather whenever they can at the Rubis family vineyard in Naramata, BC.



Lorne Rubis, thought leader and Co-Founder of Belongify.com, joins Dr. Laura to talk about the journey from inclusion to belonging, and the differences between the two ideals. Lorne Rubis explains how his research into extraordinary and highly adaptive cultures led him to establish a foundation from which to bring leadership into alignment on advancing culture. He details to Dr. Laura how Belongify.com is part of that evolution.

Dr. Laura hears foundational stories from Lorne’s past that helped shape his thoughts around inclusion and belonging. They discuss how belonging is more than inclusion, it’s what allows people to thrive as their true selves at work and contribute fully through their own talents. Lorne shares how vital leaders are to the development of belonging in workplace cultures, details some ways in which leaders can shift their thinking, and highlights some of what Belongify.com contributes to that journey. It is a thought-provoking and insightful conversation.

“So therefore, leaders have to think about their obligation as not to just get results, but how they might get results so they’re optimizing the contribution, and building on the unique strengths, of every single person that makes up their team. And when they commit themselves to that, it takes on a different tone of behavior.”  Lorne Rubis